515 Chatham

Floor Plans

  • Store & Chatham Streets
  • Commerical C101 & C102
  • C101 - 2276 Sq. Ft. / C102 - 2032 Sq. Ft.
C101 & C102
Unit Matrix
Unit Type Location Layout Interior Sq.Ft. Patio/Balcony Patio/Balcony Sq.Ft.
C101 Commercial Store St. N/A 2276 N/A N/A
C102 Commercial Chatham St. N/A 2032 N/A N/A
Level Availability

Dimensions, layouts and specifications are approximate only and subject to change without notice. Please see a sales representative for details. E.&.O.E. The developer reserves the right to make changes to both the floor plans and facade of the development.

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